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DLML Anti-Doping Resolution
DLML Anti-Doping Resolution

IOC Doping list as of January 01, 2003

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Info Sittard BC

YBC Sittard

schedules for
3-20 teams

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Recent and current Bridge events

World Championships Imp Teams,
Monte Carlo, November 3-15

Dutch imp teams competitions 2003-2004
major league, divisions 1 & 2,
district of North & Central Limburg,
and district of South Limburg

Dutch matchpoint pairs competitions
2003-2004 major league, divisions 1 & 2,
and South Limburg district

Vugraph Final Dutch major league imp teams,
Utrecht, January 25-26

Report Dutch team-of-12 cup knockout match
Sittard BC-BC'70 Eindhoven, Sittard, January 14 (Word97)

Frontpage of Dutch imp teams competitions 2002-2003

Frontpage Dutch matchpoint pairs competitions 2002-2003,
including those of district South Limburg