Bridge 2005-2006

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Nederlandse Versie van Bridge 2005-2006

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Dutch imp teams
national levels

Imp teams Dutch
South Limburg

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Info Sittard BC

schedules for
3-20 teams
(in Dutch)



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Recent and current Bridge events

Sabic Imp Pairs marathon,
Sittard, August 26

Open WCh teams and WCh MP pairs,
Verona, June 9-24

Carnival matchpoint pairs,
Asten-Heusden, February 28

White House imp teams
invitational, Amsterdam,
February 24-26

Frontpage imp teams competition
of Dutch South Limburg 2005-2006

WBF page WCh national teams,
Estoril, October 22-November 5

Frontpage Dutch competitions imp
teams, Utrecht and other towns,
October 2005-April 2006

European champions cup clubteams,
Brussels, October 13-16

Frontpage Dutch competitions MP pairs
2005-2006 (including South-Limburg)

Boards and scoresheets of
11 Café matchpoint pairs,
Maastricht, September 24

Erasmus invitational,
Rotterdam, September 1-4

Modalfa top-12 invitational
imp pairs, Amsterdam,
August 27-28

Sabic marathon of Sittard
(Butler), August 27

World championships under 26,
Sydney, August 7-17

UMW Bridge week, Scheveningen,
Augustus 4-14

Dutch competitions clubteams,
Utrecht and other sites,
October 2004-April 2005

Frontpage Dutch South Limburg,
Imp Teams competition,
January 04-March 15

Bermuda Triangle teams
cup, Moscow, February 3-6

More bridge events in 2005