Molenven Cross Country

Third round of Dutch Limbra Tour 2005-2006

Stiphout, November 27, 2005

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Comment on picture 83: this cross stands at a crossroad in Stiphout, a nice and quiet suburb of Helmond, at about 150 metres from the Molenven cross country start and finish, and the synthetic track and clubhouse of Helmond Track Club as well. The English translation of the text below the cross sounds like: "In this sign you will be victorius." This does not refer to the cause Jesus died for, nor to a ceremony, an athlete should go through, in order to be victorious. It refers to a legend, told by the roman emperor Constantine 'the Great', to explain his -highly against the military odds- victory over his rival Maxentius in 312 AD, since his troops were largely outnumbered. Constantine claimed, that before the battle, he often saw a vision in heaven, stating: "In hoc signo vinces," so God and Christ were on his side. Jews, muslims, protestants, and even many byzantine and roman catholics, have a hard time believing this story.

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