Homepages of Track & Field organizations

(news, rankings & results of major events from the headquarters ot the International Association of Athletics Federations at Monte Carlo)

... Sites and dates of IAAF World Championships Track & Field 2001-2009

WAVA  (news, rankings and results of the World Association of Veteran {Masters} Athletes)

EAA (news, rankings & results from European Athletics Association at Lausanne)

KNAU (news, rankings & results from Dutch headquarters at IJsselstein)

... Atletiek.NL (website edited by Kors van den Brink, Henk van Doremalen and Wilmar Kortleever)

Deutscher Leichtathletik Verband  (news, rankings & results from German headquarters at Darmstadt)

KBAB (news from Federal Belgian headquarters at Brussels)

... Flemish Athletics League (news, rankings & results from Flemish Belgian headquarters at Brussels)

Fédération Française d'Athlétisme
  (news, rankings & results from French headquarters at Paris)

Federazione Italiana di Atletica Leggera (news, rankings & results from Italian headquarters at Rome)

Real Federación Española de Atletismo  (news, rankings & results from Spanish headquarters at Madrid)

All Russian Track & Field Federation  (news, rankings & results from Russian headquarters at Moscow)

UK Athletics Limited  (news, rankings & results from British headquarters at Birmingham)

USA Track & Field   (news, rankings & results from US headquarters at Indianapolis)

NCAA  (news, rankings, results and scholarship regulations from the headquarters of the U.S. intercollegiate athletics federation at Indianapolis)

Homepages of athletes and Track & Field related private organizations

Joop van Amerongen (coach of Free Runner and Hellas Utrecht, among others with Koen Raymaekers in his selection)

Michael Patrick Philip Anpong  (young sprinter from Eindhoven)

Bilal Anrar  (young 800 metres runner from Den Bosch)

Atletiek.NL  (Dutch internet organization of athletes, independent of federation; complete with chatbox, results and personal bests of many Dutch athletes)

AV'34-Girls   (Website of about 30 female athletes of AV'34 Track Club Apeldoorn born in 1992-1994)

Dick Bartelson (Dutch statistics and rankings 400-5000 metres)

Rens Blom  (World champion pole vault of Helsinki 2005)

Davy van Bogaert (runner and coach from Zwijndrecht near Antwerp)

Paul Boltersdorf (manager of road races tour in Nordrhein-Westfalen and Dutch Limburg)

Mike Buncic  (great US discus thrower)

ChampionChip  (chip for time registration, results of events registered by ChampionChip)

Deutsche Track & Field Mailing List   (track & field events in Germany, and Resolution against Drugs)

Team Distance Runners   (foundation of competitive distance and middle distance runners in the rural and suburbian areas north of Amsterdam)

Stijn Fincioen  (homepage of a Belgian junior athlete)

Emma George  (great female Australian pole vaulter)

Global Sports Communication  (track & field related management of Jos Hermens)

Hardloopplezier/Ben Gubbels  (website of distance coach Ben Gubbels)

Evelien de Haes  (Belgian girl that wants to qualify for Eyof 2007 in Belgrade)

Adriënne Herzog  (20 year old women who has shown great potential at 5000 metres and cross country)

Roger Jaspers  (strong distance runner and cyclist from Maastricht)

What kind of jerks are you?  (poll about Dutch government policy aimed at killing welfare, health, and sports once and foverer, especially for youngsters)

Marjolein de Jong  (young Dutch athlete who hopes to make Beijing 2008 on 400 metres hurdles)

Ton de Kleijn
  (deep Dutch rankings of dash and hurdles)

Susan Kuijken (winner of silver and bronze at European junior championships outdoor and XC in 2005, member of Seven Hills and FSU track teams)

Marko Koers  (retired Dutch world class runner over 800-3000 metres)

Henrieke Krommendijk  (Dutch women and junior women champion of 2005 at 400 metres, lives in Nijverdal)

Peter Larsson  (best site for those looking for very deep up-to-date alltime world rankings)

Kamiel Maase  (Dutch olympic hope for 10,000 metres and marathon)

MiLa-group Achilles-Top (relatively new competitive middle distance group under supervision of Louis Hermans and Herman Vleugels)

Mila Power  (group of young ambitious middle distance runners in Ede, consisting of Erwin Meijer, Jelle Hanswijk, Mathias Meijer, and Ralph Uenk)

Ad Peeters  (succesful middle distance runner of PSV TC Eindhoven)

Kjell Provost and Sandra Stals  (Belgian olympians of 400 metres men and 800 metres women, respectively)

Jan Raaphorst  (reports from track meets in Belgium and The Netherlands)

Remko Riebeek (deep Dutch rankings of road running events)

Eric Roeske/Kunststof 2000   (schedules and results of many track meets in The Netherlands and Belgium)

Runners Only  (cooperation between the Dutch Limburg track clubs AVON Heerlen and Unitas Sittard on the middle and longer distances)

Runnersworld   (organization of track & field related sportswear in the Netherlands)

Runner's World Amsterdam (website of the Dutch issue of the greatest Track & Field magazine of the world)

Vivian Ruijters  (cross country, road and track runner from Rotterdam)

Tessa Sanderson  (great female British javelin thrower)

Joe Schoonbroodt  (hill and road running tour of Dutch Limburg)

Seven Hills Run Foundation  (Foundation in Nijmegen that hosts a great 15 K race in November, and raises funds for young
                                                 talent in Track & Field)

Seven Hills Running Team (Track & Field school for young talent in Nijmegen, managed by Has van Cuijk; even the
                                             youngest athletes are tought the right attitude from the very beginning)

Ed Sligchers  (coach of simple artisans Paul Hagedoren [master of baker's trade] en Toon Heeren [master of masonry], and other talented runners)

Rutger Smith (powerful thrower from Groningen, looking forward to many more olympics after Athens 2004, silver medalist in Helsinki 2005)

Bram Som  (European champion and Dutch record holder over 800 metres)

Peter Spierings  (webmaster of one of the finest Dutch T&F sites, the one of Rotterdam Athletics)

Hilary Stellingwerf  (Canadian athlete married to Dutch immigrant, lives in Maastricht, presently, in 2006, best Dutch woman oevr 1500 metres)

Steeplechics  (organization for women in steeplce chase)

Christian Tamminga  (Dutch record holder at pole vault)

Team 4 Miles  (foundation of competitive distance and middle distance runners in the Northeast of the Netherlands)

Lotte Visschers  (800 meter runner from Nijmegen, whose best years are still ahead; Lotte=Charlotte)

Simon Vroemen  (crushed European record at 3000 metres steeple chase in Brussels 2005)

Iwan Oprins Time Registrations  (time registration of many races and track meets in The Netherlands)

Robert de Wit  (track coach at Eindhoven and former star at decathlon)

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