Results of Track & Field events in 1999

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Dutch NC cross country, Heerde, March 7

Global Athletics, Nijmegen, 21 mei

Kerkrade,  August 7 (Word97)

Night of Athletics, Hechtel, August 7

Marathon of Monschau, August 8

Sittard, August 14 (Word97)

Marathon of Reykjavik, August 22

Sittard, August 28 (Word97)

Dutch relay championships Assen, August 28:  Double gold juniors of Unitas Sittard on 4x100

Dutch championships combined events Assen, August 28 and 29: Eugène Martineau (Achilles-Top Kerkrade) surprises with gold in decathlon under 20

Golden League Brussels,  September 3:  El Gerrouj runs 7.23.09 on 3000 meter; Kamathi and Mourhit under 27 minutes on 10 K

GP Rieti,  September 5:  Ngeny bans Coe's WR 1000 metres to oblivion

Telematica 10 miles run Heerlen,  September 5:  Another Kenian win

Dutch club championships men under 20, Roosendaal,  September 5

Dutch club championships women under 20, September 5:  Argo'77 Groningen defeats Unitas Sittard on field events, but Inge Crijns (15) jumps over 1.75

Golden League Berlijn,  September 7:  El Gerrouj blasts WR 2000 metres

IAAF Grand Prix final Munich,  September 11

Dutch championships 50 K walk, Winschoten, September 11:  Pedro Huntjens of Unitas takes gold in 4.37.45

Dutch championships clubteams athletes of 1982 and 1983, Zwolle, September 12:  girls of Unitas Sittard maintain their title

Mergelland marathon Meerssen, September 12: Unexpected victory for Jean Herpers

Half marathon of Deurne, September 12

Arena Games Hilversum, September 12

Marathon Nieuwpoort-Ieper, September 12

Battle against degradation from Dutch minor league, Sittard, September 19:
Women of Unitas Sittard and men of Achilles-Top Kerkrade stay

Half marathon Amsterdam-Zaandam, September 19:  Mourhit and Loroupe winners

Battle against degradation from Dutch major league, The Hague, Zuiderpark, September 26
Unitasmen leave major league with honor and hope for future

Half marathon City Run of Maastricht,  September 26: 
Philip Singoei rules again

Marathon of Berlin,  September 26:  
another world's best by Tegla Loroupe

Championships combined events of Unitas TC, Sittard, September 25 and 26

Tros public broadcasting half marathon of Haarlem, September 26

WC half marathon Palermo, October 3:  
Tergat (seriously hindered by volunteer) and Loroupe take the titles; Dutch Kamiel Maase 13th man at 43 seconds

Marathon of Cologne, October 3

Marathon of Budapest, October 3

Half marathon of Breda, October 3:  John Gwako and Susan ChepkeMay keep Kenia on the winning track -  Important: if you find Luc Krotwaar to have finished second in 1.01.52, you have got the results of 1998; in that case, please click 'refresh' for the results of 1999

Championships combined events of Heythuysen and Swift TC's, Roermond, October 2 and 3

Stap-race Heerlen 10.2 K, October 9:   easy win for Kenian Martin Ojuku

Marathon of Eindhoven, October 10:   David Negtich takes race record to 2.09.24

Haren-Groningen 4 miles, October 10

Marathon of Amsterdam, October 17:    Amsterdam fastest marathon ever, as Kiprop (2.06.47), Jifar (2.06.49), Kiplagat (2.06.50), and Tola (2.06.57) break 2.07

Geul Canyon race, Berg & Terblijt, October 17

Douwe Smit Memorial throwing events, Roermond,  October 23  Frank van den Dool throws new Dutch record with hammer: 70.89 metres

Run Party of Echt, October 24 Felix Limo (28.37 on 10K) and Hailu Meselin (1.03.01 op half marathon) impressive winners

Marathon of Essen, October 24

Marathon Chicago, October 24 Khalid Khannouchi takes alltime best to 2.05.42!!

Marathon of Echternach, October 24

Marathon of Venice, October 24

Marathon of Washington DC, October 24

35th Univé cross country contest, Dwingeloo,  October 30

Marathon (Dutch NC 40+ ) and half marathon, Etten-Leur, October 31

Marathon of Frankfurt, October 31

Meuse river 10 and 5K race Meers, November 7: 
Huub Kurvers very tough to beat at 38

50th Snelle Sprong cross country contest Tegelen, Limbra Tour, November 7: 
easy win for Marko Koers

Marathon of New York City, November 7 

Enciberg race Maastricht, November 14

ABAB Falcon race, Valkenswaard, November 14

Fall races Kerkrade, November 21

Molenven cross country contest, Stiphout, Limbra Tour, November  21: 
Grete Koens hopeful after first race in 18 months

Half marathon of Swartbroek, November 27

ABAB Warande cross country contest Tilburg, Delta Lloyd Tour, November 27 & 28 
Mark Bett and Lydia CheroMay very strong winners

Half marathon of Margraten, November 28: 
Mark Jaspers takes victory in 1.10.58

Tulips half marathon, Roelofarendsveen, November 28

Kapellerbos cross country contest of Landgraaf, December 5: 
Renzo Roumen surprises and convinces

Marathon of Fukuoka, December 5:   Two more athletes within 2.08 hours

European Cross Country Championships Velenje,  December 12

Zandbos cross country contest, Deurne, Limbra Tour, December 12:  
Evert Gielen (Achilles Top Kerkrade) second to Gezegne, but ahead of Woldemeskel

Hill Challenge of Mesch, December 12:  
Paul Hagedoren wins again; former Minnesota star Daphne Panhuysen has no competition

Marathon of Honolulu, December 12

Indoor Dortmund for athletes born in 1984 and later, December 12 (German)

IJzeren Man ('Iron Man') cross country contest, Weert, December 19

Indoor Dortmund, December 19 - complete results in Dutch and English

IAAF Cross Country Challenge Brussels, December 19

Christmas cross country contest at Heerlerheide, Heerlen, December 26:  
New victories for Renzo Roumen and Daphne Panhuysen

Kangaroo races Vught, December 26

Sylvester race Wegberg, December 31

Sylvester race Swartbroek, December 31

Sylvester race Elsloo, December 31:  
6th win in a row for Paul Hagedoren

Sylvester cross country contest Soest, Delta Lloyd Tour, December 31

Sylvester race Sao Paulo, December 31

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