Results of Track and Field events in 2020

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Indoor championships of West Flanders, East Flanders and Belgian Limburg, Ghent, January 4 ((.xls).zip)

Indoor meet 60-200-800 m, Dortmund, January 4 ((.xls).zip)

EAA cross country permit, Amorebieta, January 5 ((.xls).zip)

Limbra cross country tour and championships of North Brabant, Asten, January 5 ((.xls).zip)

Cross country, Grimbergen, January 5 ((.xls).zip)

Cross country, Hulshout, January 5 ((.xls).zip)

Cross country tour of Belgian Limburg, Lanaken, January 5 ((.xls).zip)

Indoor championships of Antwerp and Flemish Brabant, Ghent, January 5 ((.xls).zip)

Indoor meet, Dortmund, January 5 ((.xls).zip)

IAAF cross country challenge, San Giorgio su Legnano, January 6 ((.xls).zip)

British cross country tour, Stirling, January 11 ((.xls).zip)

Cross country tour of SW Guelders and SE Utrecht, Ede, January 11 ((.xls).zip)

Indoor meet, Ghent, January 11 ((.xls).zip)

IAAF cross country challenge, Elgoibar, January 12 ((.xls).zip)

Cross country championships of Antwerp, Essen, January 12 ((.xls).zip)

Cross country championships of Flemish Brabant, Gooik, January 12 ((.xls).zip)

Cross country championships of Belgian Limburg, Tessenderlo, January 12 ((.xls).zip)

Cross country championships of East Flanders, Maldegem, January 12 ((.xls).zip)

Cross country championships of West Flanders, Diksmuide, January 12 ((.xls).zip)

Cross country tour of central North Brabant, Goirle, January 12 ((.xls).zip)

Half marathon, Egmond, January 12 ((.xls).zip)

Indoor meet for 30-plussers, Düsseldorf, January 12 ((.xls).zip)

10 km race, Valencia, January 12 ((.xls).zip)

USA cross country nationals, San Diego, January 18 ((.xls).zip)

Indoor championships of Westphalia, Dortmund, January 18 ((.xls).zip)

Wallonian indoor championships for athletes of 2003-2006, Louvain-la-Neuve, January 18

Indoor championships of Nordrhein, Leverkusen, January 18-19 ((.xls).zip)

IAAF cross country challenge, Sevilla, January 19 ((.xls).zip)

Belgian cross country tour, Hannut, January 19 ((.xls).zip)

Dutch cross country tour, Rolduc, January 19 ((.xls).zip)

Cross country, Berg en Dal, January 19 ((.xls).zip)

Greater Eindhoven cross country tour, Eersel, January 19 ((.xls).zip)

Limbra cross country tour, Helden, January 19 ((.xls).zip)

Cross country, Herentals, January 19 ((.xls).zip)

Cross country, Ieper, January 19 ((.xls).zip)

Cross country tour of central North Brabant, Rijen, January 19 ((.xls).zip)

Indoor meet, Dortmund, January 19 ((.xls).zip)

Flemish indoor championships for athletes of 2003-2006, Ghent, January 19 ((.xls).zip)

Half marathon, Posterholt, January 19 ((.xls).zip)

Pole vault indoor meet, Dortmund, January 24 ((.xls).zip)

Martin Luther King indoor invitational, Albuquerque, January 24-25 ((.xls).zip)

NCAA indoor meet, Blacksburg, VA, January 24-25 ((.xls).zip)

IAAF World indoor tour, Boston, January 25 ((.xls).zip)

Indoor championships of NRW for athletes of 2001-2004, Dortmund, January 25 ((.xls).zip)

Wallonian indoor championships, Louvain-la-Neuve, January 25 ((.xls).zip)

IAAF cross country challenge, San Vittore Olano, January 26 ((.xls).zip)

Dutch cross country tour, Breda, January 26 ((.xls).zip)

Cross country tour of Belgian Limburg, Alken, January 26 ((.xls).zip)

Greater Eindhoven cross country tour, Best, January 26 ((.xls).zip)

Cross country, Bornem, January 26 ((.xls).zip)

Cross country, Geel, January 26 ((.xls).zip)

Limbra cross country tour, Venray, January 26 ((.xls).zip)

Cross country, Veurne, January 26 ((.xls).zip)

Cross country, Vilvorde, January 26 ((.xls).zip)

Cross country, Zottegem, January 26 ((.xls).zip)

Flemish indoor championships, Ghent, January 26 ((.xls).zip)

IAAF World indoor tour, Karlsruhe, January 31 ((.xls).zip)


Cross country tour of SW Guelders and SE Utrecht, Rhenen, February 1 ((.xls).zip)

Indoor invitational, Luxemburg, February 1 ((.xls).zip)

Indoor meet, Apeldoorn, February 1 ((.xls).zip)

Indoor meet, Ghent, February 1 ((.xls).zip)

Belgian indoor nationals combined events, Louvain-la-Neuve, February 1-2

Cross country tour of central North Brabant, Dongen, February 2 ((.xls).zip)

Cross country, Hamme, February 2 ((.xls).zip)

Cross country, Ronse, February 2 ((.xls).zip)

Indoor invitational, Erfurt, February 2 ((.xls).zip)

Indoor championships of NRW, Dortmund, February 2 ((.xls).zip)

Winterfestival 25 km, Apeldoorn, February 2 ((.xls).zip)

IAAF World indoor tour, Düsseldorf, February 4 ((.xls).zip)

Pole vault indoor meet, Dortmund, February 7 ((.xls).zip)

Millrose indoor games, New York, February 8 ((.xls).zip)

IAAF World indoor tour, Torun, February 8 ((.xls).zip)

Dutch indoor nationals combined events, Apeldoorn, February 8-9 ((.xls).zip)

Dutch indoor nationals for 35-plussers, Apeldoorn, February 8-9 ((.xls).zip)

Belgian cross country tour, Rotselaar, February 9 ((.xls).zip)

Open indoor gala, Dortmund, February 9 ((.xls).zip)

Indoor invitational, Berlin, February 14 ((.xls).zip)

USA indoor nationals, Albuquerque, February 14-15 ((.xls).zip)

IAAF World indoor tour, Glasgow, February 15 ((.xls).zip)

Dutch indoor nationals for athletes of 2001-2004, Apeldoorn, February 15-16 ((.xls).zip)

Cross country, Lebbeke, February 16 ((.xls).zip)

Cross country tour of Belgian Limburg, Lommel, February 16 ((.xls).zip)

Limbra cross country tour, Milheeze, February 16 ((.xls).zip)

Belgian indoor nationals, Ghent, February 16 ((.xls).zip)

Indoor meet, Dortmund, February 16 ((.xls).zip)

IAAF World indoor tour, Liévin, February 19 ((.xls).zip)

IAAF World indoor tour, Madrid, February 21 ((.xls).zip)

Belgian cross country nationals for 35-plussers, Northern Brussels, February 22 ((.xls).zip)

Dutch indoor nationals, Apeldoorn, February 22-23 ((.xls).zip)

Britse indoor nationals, Glasgow, February 22-23 ((.xls).zip)

German indoor nationals, Leipzig, February 22-23 ((.xls).zip)

Marathon, Seville, February 23 ((.xls).zip)

Belgian indoor nationals for athletes of 1998-2002, Louvain-la-Neuve, February 29

USA olympic marathon trials, Atlanta, February 29 ((.xls).zip)


Dutch cross country nationals, Kraggenburg, February 29-March 1 ((.xls).zip)

French indoor nationals, Liévin, February 29-March 1 ((.xls).zip)

Belgian cross country nationals, Northern Brussels, March 1 ((.xls).zip)

Cross country, Poperinge, March 1 ((.xls).zip)

Belgian indoor nationals for athletes of 2003-2006, Ghent, March 1 ((.xls).zip)

Indoor meet, Dortmund, March 1 ((.xls).zip)

20 km race, Alphen upon Rhine, March 1 ((.xls).zip)

British cross country nationals, Loughborough, March 7 ((.xls).zip)

German cross country nationals, Sindelfingen, March 7 ((.xls).zip)

Belgian indoor nationals for 35-plussers and athletes of 1998-2006, Ghent, March 8 ((.xls).zip)

Half marathon, Den Haag, March 8 ((.xls).zip)





National test meet, Papendal, July 4 ((.xls).zip)

Dutch B-tour, SE Utrecht, July 10 ((.xls).zip)

Open meet 800 and 10000 m, Regensburg, July 11 ((.xls).zip)

Open meet, Dortmund, July 11 ((.xls(.zip)

Open meet, Winterswijk, July 14 ((.xls).zip)

Open meet, Nimwegen, July 17 ((.xls).zip)

Open meet, Papendal, July 18 ((.xls).zip)

Open meet, SE Utrecht, July 18 ((.xls).zip)

Track meet, Gouda, July 24 ((.xls).zip)

Track gala, Regensburg, day 1, July 25 ((.xls).zip)

Track meet, Heerenveen, July 25 ((.xls).zip)

Track gala, Regensburg, day 2, July 26 ((.xls).zip)

Track meet, Dongen, July 26 ((.xls).zip)


Open gala 400-800-1500 m, Pfungstadt, August 1 ((.xls).zip)

Open gala 800-1500-3000 m and pole vault, Vught, August 1 ((.xls).zip)

Open meet, Ede, August 1 ((.xls).zip)

Dutch B-tour, SE Utrecht, August 7 ((.xls).zip)

Flemish B-tour, Sint-Niklaas, August 8 ((.xls).zip)

German nationals, Braunschweig, August 8-9 ((.xls).zip)

Grand Prix, Northern Brussels, August 9 ((.xls).zip)

Open meet, Haarlem, August 9 ((.xls).zip)

IAAF permit meet, Sollentuna, August 10 ((.xls).zip)

Paavo Nurmi invitational, Turku, August 11 ((.xls).zip)

IAAF Diamond League, Monte Carlo, August 14 ((.xls).zip)

Open run and jump gala, Dortmund, August 15 ((.xls).zip)

Steeple chase only, Barendrecht, August 15 ((.xls).zip)

Open meet, Nimwegen, August 15 ((.xls).zip)

Open meet, Sittard, August 15 ((.xls).zip)

Belgian nationals, Brussels, August 15-16 ((.xls).zip)

Sprints, jumps, and throws invitational, Leverkusen, August 16 ((.xls).zip)

IAAF permit meet, Bydgoszcz, August 20 ((.xls).zip)

IAAF permit meet, Székesfehérvár, August 20 ((.xls).zip)

Open meet 800-3000 m, Eastern Rotterdam, August 20 ((.xls).zip)

Open meet, Bergen op Zoom, August 22 ((.xls).zip)

Open meet, Eindhoven, August 22 ((.xls).zip)

Open meet, Grootebroek, August 22 ((.xls).zip)

IAAF Diamond League, Stockholm, August 23 ((.xls).zip)

IAAF permit meet, Chorzow, August 25 ((.xls).zip)

Open meet, Hilversum, August 27 ((.xls).zip)

IAAF permit meet, Gothenburg, August 29 ((.xls).zip)

Dutch nationals, SE Utrecht, August 29-30 ((.xls).zip)

Open meet, Vilvorde, August 30 ((.xls).zip)


IAAF Diamond League (pole vault only), Lausanne, September 2 ((.xls).zip)

Open meet, Naaldwijk, September 3 ((.xls).zip)

Open meet, Someren, September 3 ((.xls).zip)

IAAF Diamond League, Brussels, September 4 ((.xls).zip)

Dutch nationals combined events for athletes born before 2005, Emmeloord, September 5-6 ((.xls).zip)

IAAF permit meet, Chorzow, September 6 ((.xls).zip)

IAAF Night of Athletics, Heusden-Zolder, September 6 ((.xls).zip)

High jump and pole vault, Hilversum, September 6 ((.xls).zip)

IAAF permit meet, Ostrava, September 8 ((.xls).zip)

International meet, Dessau, September 8 ((.xls).zip)

IAAF permit meet, Samorin, September 11 ((.xls).zip)

International meet, Poznan, September 11 ((.xls).zip)

Dutch nationals for athletes of 2001-2004, Amersfoort, September 12-13 ((.xls).zip)

Flemish championships for athletes of 2003-2004, Heusden-Zolder, September 12 ((.xls).zip)

IAAF permit meet, Berlin, September 13 ((.xls).zip)

Flemish championships for athletes of 2005-2006, Heusden-Zolder, September 13 ((.xls).zip)

Open meet 3000-1000 m, Amersfoort, September 15 ((.xls).zip)

IAAF Diamond League, Rome, September 17 ((.xls).zip)

Open meet 800-1000-5000 m, Western Rotterdam, September 17 ((.xls).zip)

Dutch B-tour, Wageningen, September 18 ((.xls).zip)

Dutch Open 10000 m, Leiden, September 19 ((.xls).zip)

Dutch collegiate nationals, Nimwegen, September 19 ((.xls).zip)

Dutch A-tour, Leiden, September 19 ((.xls).zip)

Belgian nationals for 35-plussers, Ninove, September 19-20 ((.xls).zip)

Dutch paralympic nationals, Tilburg, September 20 ((.xls).zip)

IAAF Diamond League, Doha, September 25 ((.xls).zip)

Open meet 1500 and 5000 m, Zwolle, September 25 ((.xls).zip)

Belgian nationals 10000 m and steeple chase, Braine l'Alleud, September 27 ((.xls).zip)

Open meet for all age groups, Kerkrade, September 27 ((.xls).zip)

Open meet (1500 m only), Amersfoort, September 29 ((.xls).zip)


Open meet, SE Brussels (Boitsfort), October 3 ((.xls).zip)

Marathon, London, October 4 ((.xls).zip)

Dutch nationals 50 and 10 km walk, Tilburg, October 4 ((.xls).zip)

World records day (5000 m women and 10000 m men), Valencia, October 7 ((.xls).zip)

Open meet, Winterswijk, October 8 ((.xls).zip)

Open meet 10000 m, Rotterdam-Zoo, October 9 ((.xls).zip)

World class meet 1000-5000-10000 m, Hengelo, October 10 ((.xls).zip)

IAAF World championships 21.1 km, Gdynia, October 17 ((.xls).zip)

Open meet, Southern Brussels (Forest), October 18 ((.xls).zip)



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