Results of Track and Field events in 2021

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Indoor gala, Blacksburg, VA, January 15-16 ((.xls).zip)

Indoor gala, Blacksburg, VA, January 22-23 ((.xls).zip)

Indoor gala, Lynchburg, VA, January 21-23 ((.xls).zip)

Indoor gala, Albuquerque, January 24-25 ((.xls).zip)

Cross country, Rock Hill, SC, January 29 ((.xls).zip)

IAAF indoor gala, Karlsruhe, January 29 ((.xls).zip)

EAA indoor gala, Wenen, January 30 ((.xls).zip)

EAA indoor gala, Düsseldorf, January 31 ((.xls).zip)

EAA indoor gala, Tourcoing, January 31 ((.xls).zip)


Indoor gala, Erfurt, February 2 ((.xls).zip)

EAA indoor gala, Metz, February 6 ((.xls).zip)

EAA indoor gala, Dortmund, February 7 ((.xls).zip)

Indoor gala, Fayetteville, February 7 ((.xls).zip)

IAAF indoor gala, Liévin, February 9 ((.xls).zip)

Qualification meet, Apeldoorn, February 10 ((.xls).zip)

Cross country, Kernersville, NC, February 12 ((.xls).zip)

EAA indoor gala, Lodz, February 12 ((.xls).zip)

Indoor gala, Fayetteville, February 12-13 ((.xls).zip)

IAAF indoor gala, New York, February 13 ((.xls).zip)

EAA indoor gala, Gent, February 13 ((.xls).zip)

EAA indoor gala, Luxemburg, February 13 ((.xls).zip)

Dutch indoor nationals combined event plus qualification meet, Apeldoorn, February 13-14 ((.xls).zip)

EAA indoor gala, Val-de-Reuil, February 14 ((.xls).zip)

Internationale wegwedstrijden 5 km, Monte Carlo, February 14 ((.xls).zip)

EAA indoor gala, Torun, February 17 ((.xls).zip)

Belgische indoor nationals, Louvain-la-Neuve, February 20 ((.xls).zip)

Dutch indoor nationals, Apeldoorn, February 20-21 ((.xls).zip)

German indoor nationals, Dortmund, February 20-21 ((.xls).zip)

IAAF indoor gala, Fayetteville, February 21 ((.xls).zip)

Indoor gala, Fayetteville, February 25-27 ((.xls).zip)

International qualification meet 1500 and 5000 m, Toulon, 26 February ((.xls).zip)

Texas olympic qualifiers, Austin, February 26-27 ((.xls).zip)

Pole vault gala, Clermont-Ferrand, February 27 ((.xls).zip)

Belgian nationals cross country, Brussels, February 28 ((.xls).zip)

Marathon, Otsu, February 28 ((.xls).zip)


European indoor championships, Torun, March 5-7 ((.xls).zip)

International qualification meet, San Juan Capistrano, March 6 ((.xls).zip)

IAAF outdoor gala, Canberra, March 11 ((.xls).zip)

NCAA D1 indoor nationals, Fayetteville, March 11-13 ((.xls).zip)

IAAF outdoor gala, Sydney, March 13 ((.xls).zip)

NCAA D1 nationals cross country, Stillwater, March 15 ((.xls).zip)

Marathon, Dresden, March 21 ((.xls).zip)

IAAF continental tour, Melbourne, March 25 ((.xls).zip)

NCAA meet, Tallahassee, March 25-26 ((.xls).zip)

Texas relays, Austin, March 25-27 ((.xls).zip)

Raleigh relays, Raleigh, March 25-27 ((.xls).zip)

British marathon trials, London ((.xls).zip), March 26

NCAA meet, Lynchburg, March 26-27 ((.xls).zip)

NCAA meet, Oxford, MS, March 26-27 ((.xls).zip)

IAAF continental tour, Brisbane, March 27 ((.xls).zip)


Track invitational, San Juan Capistrano, April 2 ((.xls).zip)

NCAA invitational, Cape Girardeau, April 2-3 ((.xls).zip)

NCAA invitational, Eugene, April 2-3 ((.xls).zip)

Florida relays, Gainesville, April 2-3 ((.xls).zip)

Stanford invitational, Stanford, April 2-3 ((.xls).zip)

NCAA invitational, Tuscaloosa, April 8-10 ((.xls).zip)

NCAA invitational, Athens, GA, April 9-10 ((.xls).zip)

NCAA invitational, Columbia, MO, April 9-10 ((.xls).zip)

NCAA invitational, Coral Gables, FL, April 9-10 ((.xls).zip)

NCAA invitational, Durham, NC, April 9-10 ((.xls).zip)

NCAA invitational, La Jolla, CA, April 9-10 ((.xls).zip)

NCAA invitational, Oxford, MS, April 9-10 ((.xls).zip)

NCAA invitational, Buffalo, April 16-17 ((.xls).zip)

Virginia challenge, Charlottesville, April 16-17 ((.xls).zip)

Tom Jones memorial, Gainesville, April 16-17 ((.xls).zip)

Michael Johnson classic, Waco, April 16-17 ((.xls).zip)

Marathon (olympic candidates only), Enschede, April 18 ((.xls).zip)

IAAF continental tour (Drake relays), Des Moines, April 22-24 ((.xls).zip)

LSU Alumni Gold, Baton Rouge, April 23-24 ((.xls).zip)

Charlotte invitational, Charlotte, April 23-24 ((.xls).zip)

Oregon relays, Eugene, April 23-24 ((.xls).zip)

Aggie classic, Greensboro, April 24

Sycamore open, Terre Haute, April 24 ((.xls).zip)

John McDonnell invitational, Fayetteville, April 24-25 ((.xls).zip)

North Florida invite, Jacksonville, April 29-30 ((.xls).zip)

West Coast relays, Clovis, CA, April 30 ((.xls).zip)


Torrin Lawrence memorial, Athens, GA, April 30-May 1 ((.xls).zip)

Oregon State high performance meet, Corvallis, April 30-May 1 ((.xls).zip)

Louisiana State invite, Baton Rouge, May 1 ((.xls).zip)

Virginia grand prix, Charlottesville, May 1 ((.xls).zip)

World Athletics relays, Chorzow, May 1-2 ((.xls).zip)

Atlantic 10 championships, Fairfax, May 1-2 ((.xls).zip)

Duke twilight meet, Durham, NC, May 3 ((.xls).zip)

Olympic quaulification race 10000 m, Stockholm, May 4 ((.xls).zip)

NCAA qualification meet, Lynchburg, May 5 ((.xls).zip)

NCAA qualification meet, Eugene, May 7 ((.xls).zip)

NCAA Mid-Atlantic championships, Oxford, OH, May 7-8 ((.xls).zip)

Dutch B-tour, Lisse, May 8 ((.xls).zip)

NCAA qualification meet, Portland, May 8 ((.xls).zip)

IAAF continental challenge, Tokyo, May 9 ((.xls).zip)

Olympic qualification meet, Walnut, May 9 ((.xls).zip)

Big South conference championships, High Point, NC, May 10-12 ((.xls).zip)

Dutch B-tour, Vught, May 13 ((.xls).zip)

Mountain West conference championships, Clovis, CA, May 13-15 ((.xls).zip)

SE conference championships, College Station, May 13-15 ((.xls).zip)

Atlantic Coast conference championships, Raleigh, May 13-15 ((.xls).zip)

Atlantic Sun conference championships, Jacksonville, May 14-15 ((.xls).zip)

Track meet 800, 1500, 5000 m and 3000 m steeple, Karlsruhe, May 15 ((.xls).zip)

Dutch B-tour, SE Utrecht, May 16 ((.xls).zip)

IAAF continental tour, Ostrava, May 18

IAAF continental tour (pole vault), Athens, May 19

IAAF continental tour, Dessau, May 21

IAAF continental tour, Andújar, May 22

IAAF continental tour, Kalamata, May 22

IAAF continental tour, Tucson, May 22

IAAF diamond league, Gateshead, May 23

IAAF continental tour, Rehlingen, May 23

Dutch B-tour, Tilburg, May 24

NCAA D1 West preliminaries, College Station, May 27-29 ((.xls).zip)

NCAA D1 East preliminaries, Jacksonville, May 27-29 ((.xls).zip)

IAAF diamond league, Doha, May 28

IAAF continental tour, Nassau, May 28-29

IAAF continental tour, Bergen, May 29

EAA meeting, Nimwegen, May 29

Flanders cup [Ifam], Oordegem, May 29

IAAF continental tour, Chania, May 30


IAAF continental tour, Montreuil, June 1

IAAF continental tour, Athens, June 2

IAAF continental tour, Huelva, June 3

European cup 10000 m, Birmingham, June 5

IAAF continental tour, Kingston, June 5

Flanders cup [Putbos], Oordegem, June 5

IAAF continental tour, Hengelo, June 6

Marathon, Duisburg, June 6

IAAF continental tour, Turku, June 8

IAAF continental tour, Marseille, June 9

NCAA D1 nationals, Eugene, June 9-12

IAAF diamond league, Florence, June 10

IAAF continental tour, Madrid, June 11

Dutch B-tour, Amersfoort, June 11-13

IAAF continental tour, Geneva, June 12

Dutch Open 10000 m, Leiden, June 12

Wallonian B-tour, Northern Brussels, June 12

Flemish B-tour, Ghent, June 12

Dutch B-tour, Leiden, June 12

IAAF continental tour, Samorin, June 15

IAAF continental tour, Kladno, June 15

IAAF continental tour, Copenhagen, June 15

IAAF continental tour, Sotteville, June 16

Dutch B-tour, SE Utrecht, September 17-19

US olympic trials, Eugene, June 18-27

Wallonian B-tour, Nivelles, June 19

Dutch B-tour, Grootebroek, June 19

IAAF continental tour, Almaty, June 19-20

IAAF continental tour, Sollentuna, June 22

Dutch nationals, Breda, June 25-27

IAAF continental tour, Kuortane, June 26

IAAF continental tour, Leverkusen, June 27

IAAF continental tour, Lucerne, June 29

IAAF continental tour, Bydgoszcz, June 30

IAAF continental tour, Naimette-Xhovémont, June 30


IAAF continental tour, Bellinzona, July 1

IAAF diamond league, Oslo, July 1

IAAF continental tour, Heusden-Zolder, July 3

IAAF continental tour, Marsa, July 3

IAAF diamond league, Stockholm, July 4

IAAF continental tour, Tomblaine, July 5

IAAF continental tour, Székesfehérvár, July 6

IAAF continental tour, Karlstad, July 7

European championships for athletes of 1999-2001, Tallinn, July 8-11

IAAF diamond league, Monte Carlo, July 9

EAA permit meeting, Courtray, July 10

IAAF continental tour, Padova, July 11

IAAF diamond league, Londen, July 13

European championships for athletes of 2002-2003, Tallinn, July 15-18

Dutch B-tour, SE Utrecht, July 16

Flanders cup, Ninove, July 17

Flemish B-tour, Ertvelde, July 21

Flanders cup, Lierre, July 24

Flemish B-tour, Sint-Niklaas, July 31


IOC/IAAF olympic games (track and field), Tokyo, July 30-August 8

Flemish B-tour, Mol, August 1

Dutch B-tour, SE Utrecht, August 6

Flanders cup, Kessel-Lo, August 7

Flanders cup, Huizingen, August 14

IAAF world championships for athletes of 2002-2003, Nairobi, August 18-22

IAAF diamond league, Eugene, August 20-21

IAAF continental tour, Gothenburg, August 21

Flanders cup, Merksem, August 21

IAAF diamond league, Lausanne, August 26

EAA European championships for athletes of 2004-2005, Rieti, August 26-29

IAAF diamond league, Paris, August 28

IAAF continental tour, Rovereto, August 31


IAAF diamond league, Northern Brussels, September 3

Dutch B-tour, SE Utrecht, September 3

Flemish B-tour, Deinze, September 4

IAAF continental tour, Chorzów, September 5

IAAF continental tour, Düsseldorf, September 5

IAAF diamond league, Zürich, September 8-9

IAAF continental tour, Berlin, September 12

Marathon, Hamburg, September 12

Marathon, Münster, September 12

Marathon, Ostrava, September 12

Marathon, Vienna, September 12

IAAF continental tour, Zagreb, September 14

Dutch nationals for 35-plussers, Hengelo, September 17-19

IAAF continental tour, Nairobi, September 18

Marathon, Berlin, September 26


Marathon, London, October 3

Marathon, Chicago, October 10

Marathon, Eindhoven, October 10

Marathon, Essen, October 10

4 miles, Haren-Groningen, October 10

Marathon, Leiden, October 10

Marathon, Boston, October 11

IAAF cross country tour, Cardiff, October 16

XC tryout, Lanaken, October 16

Marathon, Amsterdam, October 17

Marathon, Tokyo, October 17

IAAF cross country tour, Amorebieta, October 24

Marathon, Rotterdam, October 24

XC tour of central North Brabant, Tilburg, October 30

IAAF cross country tour, Soria, October 31

Limbra XC tour, Weert, October 31

Marathon, Etten-Leur, October 31


IAAF cross country tour, San Sebastián, November 7

IAAF cross country tour, Mol, November 7

Maple Leaf cross country, Hilversum, November 7

Limbra XC tour, SE Tegelen (Snelle Sprong), November 7

XC tour of Belgian Limburg, Tongres, November 7

Enciberg run, Maastricht, November 7

Marathon, New York, November 7

Armistice of 1918 cross country, Malines, November 11

NCAA D1 Mid-Atlantic, Bethlehem, PA, November 12 ((.xls).zip)

NCAA D1 Great Lakes regionals, Evansville, IN, November 12 ((.xls).zip)

NCAA D1 South regionals, Huntsville, November 12 ((.xls).zip)

NCAA D1 Midwest regionals, Iowa City, November 12 ((.xls).zip)

NCAA D1 Southeast regionals, Louisville, November 12 ((.xls).zip)

NCAA D1 Northeast regionals, Lowell, November 12 ((.xls).zip)

NCAA D1 Mountain regionals, Provo, November 12 ((.xls).zip)

NCAA D1 West regionals, Sacramento, November 12 ((.xls).zip)

NCAA D1 South Central regionals, Waco, November 12 ((.xls).zip)

IAAF cross country tour, Atapuerca, November 14

Limbra XC tour, Stiphout, November 14

XC tour of central North Brabant, Kaatsheuvel, November 14

Greater Eindhoven XC tour, Veldhoven, November 14

NCAA D1 XC nationals, Tallahassee, November 20 ((.xls).zip)

National cross country, Darmstadt, November 21

IAAF cross country tour, Sevilla, November 21

XC tour of Belgian Limburg, Neerpelt, November 21

XC tour of central North Brabant, Oosterhout, November 21

IAAF cross country tour, Tilburg, November 27-28

IAAF cross country tour, Alcobendas, November 28

Belgian cross country tour, Roeselare, November 28

Limbra XC tour, Deurne, November 28

XC tour of Belgian Limburg, Genk, November 28

Greater Eindhoven XC tour, Western Veghel, November 28


XC tour of central North Brabant, Baarle-Nassau, December 5

XC tour of Belgian Limburg, Bree, December 5

Marathon, Valencia, December 5 (.pdf)

EAA European championships cross country, Dublin, December 12 ((.xls).zip)

Greater Eindhoven XC tour, Reusel, December 12

Indoor meet, Düsseldorf, December 12

German cross country nationals, Sonsbeck, December 18

IAAF cross country tour, Venta de Baños, December 19

XC tour of Belgian Limburg, Dilsen, December 19

Indoor meet for athletes born before 2009, Ghent, December 26

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